weather station


C6800 weather station
Weather forecast shown with icon images. Wireless
ransmission of data. Atmospheric pressure as absolute value or adjusted to sea level. Wind direction and wind speed display. Bar chart to show 24 h pressure history and barometric pressure trend. Time of sunrise & sunset. Radio-controlled time signal. Moon phases.
Rainfall measuring. Outdoor thermo-hygrometer measuring with temp/relative humidity trend. Unit choices: km/h, miles/h, knots, °C or °F, hPa or inHg.
Min/Max & alarms for all data.
Low battery level for the main unit and all sensors.
Accuracy main units: Pressure ±5hPa. Temperature ±1ºC. Hygrometer ±5%.
Accuracy outdoor: Temperature ±0,5ºC. Hygrometer ±4,5%.
Dim: Main unit 186x137x32 mm (screen 120x75 mm).

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Developed by Altitude.
Made in China.

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Article no. C6800
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