R. E. Dietz Company Ltd. 

Hurricane lanterns “Little Wizard”


Hurricane lanterns “Little Wizard” - height 292mm
Green, grey or blue.

Light intensity 9cp.
Flat burner with 15mm wick.
Burning time approx. 23 hours.
Oil container 410ml.

Article no. 0043 - green: Pantone solid coated 5467 C
Article no. 0044 - grey: Pantone solid coated 405 C
Article no. 0047 - blue: Pantone solid coated 2380 C

Made in China.

The R. E. Dietz Company Ltd. was established in the USA in 1840. 

The Dietz family have produced hurricane lanterns ever since! From the 1920s to the 1960s R.E. Dietz was a supplier of lighting to the automotive industry. R.E. Dietz also produced the majority of road work warning lights. 

In 1956 the Hong Kong office and production was established and in 1971 all production was moved to Hong Kong. In 1982 the Hong Kong factory was relocated to mainland China. 

The hurricane lanterns by R. E. Dietz are used by sailors all over the World because of the good quality. 

Unfortunately, in recent years, R.E. Dietz has had major supply problems. We apologize for all the trouble this has caused.

Article no. 0043
DKK 189,00(DKK 151,20 excl. VAT)