Design: Henning Koppel



Petronella opalescent 3-layer glass shade with the well known, Koppelian “curve stroke”. Diameter ø175 mm.

Made in Poland

Other Petronella spare parts:

Article no. 20 06 17 Chimney
Article no. 10 15 33 Wick
Article no. 65 02 52 New Burner*
Article no. 65 02 53 Burner repaired

*) Doesn’t necessarily fit into the old lamp body.
Old burners bottom diameter is ø43,5 +0/-0,3mm.
New burners bottom diameter is approx. ø43,8mm.   

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Article no. 650251
DKK 895,00(DKK 716,00 excl. VAT)