Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 2015

Loggi™ oil lamp


Perkeo burner with ø5 mm wick.
Light intensity 1,5-2 cp.
Oil container 325ml.
Oil consumption 12g/h = 16ml/h.
Burning time approx. 20 hours.
Weight 450 g.
Height 245mm.

Made in China. Design and production rights are owned by Delite.

Spare glass
Spare wick

We have recently experienced problems from our customers using different types of lamp oil.
We must therefore recommend following:
If you find that your oil lamp doesn’t burn well, when, for example, the flame becomes smaller and smaller after lighting, try odorless kerosene.
Are you a new oil lamp user? Please use odorless kerosene!

Article no. 651001
DKK 395,00(DKK 316,00 excl. VAT)