Design: Harry Haun 1995

“Wallpipe™” oil lamp


The design of this oil lamp simply cannot become more Scandinavian and timeless... For decades brushed stainless steel has been the preferred material in modern Danish design.
The detachable tube-container is easily refilled with lamp oil.

Height 390mm including oil container. Width 140mm. Weight 700g.
Oil container 80ml. Wick diameter ø5mm.
Burning time approx. 10 hours.

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Spare wick

Harry Haun 1936-2010

Passed engineer examination in Århus April 1955. Certificate of apprenticeship as an enginefitter in December 1955. Harry Haun did his military service in the Navy from January 1956 to August 1957. 

The next 5 years he had different jobs as an engineer, a couple of years with Mærsk Lines. Although Harry Haun was trained as an engine fitter he worked as a designer nearly all his life. He worked 34 years as the chief designer of the Danish company S&W medico teknik.

From 1994 to 1998 he worked in his own company Demeco.

Harry Haun was always through his life interested in art and design, he took several design classes during the years. He was also a self-taught ceramist.

Prizes: The Danish Design Prize, The ID-prize 1979 and 1989, The Plastic Prize 1979.

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