Design: Jan Landqvist 1980

Ellipse II table lamp


Stainless steel oil lamp with opalescent triplex glass shade or frosted glass shade - TERMINATED

Diameter ø100mm. Height 230mm.
Oil container approx. 200ml. Burning time approx. 15 hours.
6’’’ circular burner. Weight 1,35kg

Made in Denmark by Delite.

Spare chimney
Spare glass shades

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To the left you see 65 03 04 Ellipse II, brushed stainless steel with frosted glass shade. The other versions you see below.

65 03 03 Ellipse II with brushed stainless steel body and opalescent triplex lamp glass

65 03 02 Ellipse II with polished stainless steel body and opalescent triplex lamp glass

Lamp Glass. From the Swedish glass kingdom! Diameter ø50/ø59

The Ellipse table lamp has been produced since the beginning of the 1980ies. In 2008 we proudly introduced the Ellipse II, our new improved version.

The appearance is different: 

The lamp can be equipped with an opalescent triplex lamp glass, a frosted lamp glass or a clear lamp glass. Triplex glass is a 3-layer glass type, clear glass on the surface, white glass in the middle and clear glass back on the inside giving an improved light dispersion and, indeed, a cosy gleam.

Functionally the lamp has also been improved:

  • A separate chimney giving improved light emission and combustion,
  • Filling her up with lamp oil has become much easier,
  • A rubber ring in the bottom secures a non-skid stand.

Article no. 650302
DKK 1.495,00(DKK 1.196,00 excl. VAT)