Den Haan Rotterdam - established 1922

masthead light 4’’ brass


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Oil version DH8411/O:
Perkeo burner for ø6mm wick.
50ml oil container.
Burning time approx. 15 hours.

Spare chimney
Spare wick

Electric version DH8411/E:
230V - E14 socket - max. 40W
Fitted with cord, switch and plug.

Made in Holland

All lacquered DHR lamps are for indoor use!
All Den Haan lamps made of brass or copper, polished and lacquered, are suitable for indoor use only if nothing else has been stated. To prolong their lifespan Den Haan recommend their lamps be waxed with pure bees wax once a year. Of course you can use the lamps outdoor when you are outdoor yourself but remember to store the lamps in an indoor dry and warm environment.

Article no. DH8411/O
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