Flat burner wicks in pinpack


Flat burner wicks in pinpack

Length 0,5m

Art. no. 101506 - width 6,5mm

Art. no. 101509 - width 9,5mm
For Dietz "Comet" hurricane lanterns (height 215mm)

Art. no. 101512 - width 12,5mm
For E. Thomas & Williams miner's lamps and Dietz "Original" hurricane lanterns (height 254mm).

Art. no. 101515 - width 15mm
For Dietz "Little Wizard" hurricane lanterns (height 292mm)
and for Guillouard 'Luciole' hurricane lamp (height 300mm).

Art. no. 101517 - width 17,5mm  
Art. no. 101520 - width 20mm

Art. no. 101523 - width 23mm
For Dietz "The black garden lamp" hurricane lantern (height 330mm).

Art. no. 101525 - width 25mm
For Captain's lamp Junior (Cuddy lamp)

Made in China

Article no. 101506
DKK 40,00(DKK 32,00 excl. VAT)