Skotlamper - Bulkhead lamps

Mini bulkhead lamp


Italian Foresti & Suardi guarded cast brass lamps for outdoor use.

Polished brass.
230V. Rating 40W. Also suitable for 12V.
E14-socket for signal bulb, perfume or tube form bulb.
Diameter ø155mm. Depth 65mm.
Max. cable diameter ø8mm.

The lamps are not lacquered because the lacquer cannot withstand the outdoor environment!
Extra cable entry in opposite side is possible with optional cable lead-in.

First cipher 4 = Protected against objects with ø1mm or more, and against contact with dangerous parts such as wires and similar objects.
First cipher 5 = shielded against dust. Second cipher 3 = shielded against rain. Second cipher 4 = shielded against water spray.

The used cast brass alloy
Our Italian guarded brass lamps are made of cast brass. Brass is an alloy composed essentially of copper and zinc. The used alloy consists of the following metals:

60% copper (max. 61%)
37% zinc (min. 34,55%)
1% lead (max. 2%)
0,7% tin (max. 0,8%)

0,4% nickel (max. 0,5%)
0,4% iron (max. 0,5%)
0,3% aluminium (max. 0,4%)
0,2% silicium (max. 0,25%)

Article no. 0220
DKK 585,00(DKK 468,00 excl. VAT)