Skotlamper - Bulkhead lamps



Italian Foresti & Suardi guarded cast brass lamps for outdoor use.

Chromium plated brass. 230V - E27 socket.

Rating 40W.
Length 175mm - Width 130mm - Depth 110mm.
Weight 1,2kg
Extra cable entry in opposite side is possible with optional cable lead-in.

Why the name bulkhead lamp?
The bulkhead is the wall of a ship. It's actually the wall within the hull of a ship. So, bulkhead lamps are normally for the wall.

First cipher 4 = Protected against objects with ø1mm or more, and against contact with dangerous parts such as wires and similar objects.
First cipher 5 = shielded against dust.
Second cipher 3 = shielded against rain.
Second cipher 4 = shielded against waters pray.

Article no. 0301
DKK 715,00(DKK 572,00 excl. VAT)