Zealand (Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen)

Clock Polished stainless steel


Bezel (front flange) diameter ø107mm. Wall flange diameter ø110mm. Depth 45mm. Window opening to dial ø81mm.

Technical data:
German quartz clock. Battery LR6/AA. Battery life time is approx. 1 year.
Accuracy ±6 min./year. Weight 685g.

Cast stainless steel. Faceted front glass. Thermoplastic rubber gasket. Dials and hands/pointers in aluminium.

Made in Denmark by Delite.

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We are proud of the evolutionary Zealand design - evolved from several wellknown designs. The American early 20th century Chelsea Clocks classic design gave in 2003 Peter Seidelin Jessen inspiration to the E.S.Sørensen Mini Series. Zealand combines the E.S.Sørensen Mini Series classical design with the modern Clausen Scandinavian design. The combination of classic design and modern Scandinavian tight design creates a new simple, stylish and timeless design without being too tight.
Zealand was created!

Danish design...
...and German mechanics

Traditional Chelsea instruments were manufactured with either a hinged bezel or a bezel you could screw on and off as you do with the E.S.Sørensen Mini Series. With “Zealand” it's different! The bezel is pulled off and pushed on, very easy and simple as shown on the image. The wall flange is mounted with 2 screws. After the wall flange is mounted push on the bezel until it “clicks” into the wall flange. Twist the bezel until the instrument dial is correctly oriented. The instrument is now beautifully presented without any visible screws, a typical Scandinavian detail.

Article no. 630210
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