»Cylinder« key ring

Functional with a smart locking system

Nominated for the
Formland Prize
August 2004


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 Design: Peter Seidelin Jessen 2004 DKK 195,-
No broken fingernails! With an easy pull and twist the key ring is open. Easy access and arranging of keys. The complete process of inserting a key takes less than 5 seconds - maybe the fastest key ring in the world! Outer diameter of key ring is ø38mm and ø3mm thick. Diameter of the locking device is ø10mm. Material is stainless steel.

The idea is to give the user a quick and easy way of changing keys - whilst still making optimum use of available space on the ring. "A key ring as such is a familiar product, but the "Cylinder" features a pure and elegant design. It is singularly attractive, and the practical lock system means there is plenty of room for the keys", was the conclusion of the jury. The lock consists of a cylinder at right-angles to the key ring. The result is that over 90% of the circumference can be used for keys. The lock is quick and functional - just pull on the cylinder, make a quarter-turn and push up and out to the side. The cylinder then swings completely free from the key ring, giving easy access for keys and accessories. The soft shape means no sharp edges to stick through pockets. Materials are stainless steel (and a brass screw inside holding it together).
All key rings are laser engraved with an individual serial-no.

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