2016 catalogues
"The joy is in the detail"

If you care for materials of high quality and technical and functional flawless details, you should cast a glance at our Delite products!
If you like the idea of owing things to be enjoyed 10 or 20 years from now, then consider our products! They are made to last forever, and we do go far to provide spare parts for your items. We strive to make ageless designs and seek perfection in our aesthetical and functional shaping. The elegant detail will cause you constant delight!

Dansk katalog inkl. vejledende udsalgspriser i DKK og NOK. Download ved at klikke på kataloget. English catalogue including recommended retail prices in SEK and EUR. Download by clicking the catalogue above. Deutsch Katalog (teilweise in englisch) - mit empfohlenen Wiederverkaufspreisen in EUR. Laden Sie den obigen Katalog durch Anklicken herunter.